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The word Airedale Terrier is pronounced as AIR-dail TAIR-ee-uhr. The first Airedales looked fully totally different from the Airedales of nowadays. They were formerly called as the Waterside and Bingley Terriers which descended from the currently extinct black-and-tan sort hunting dog. To make him a better swimmer the breed was crossed with the Otterhound. It is also said to have Manchester terrier in its blood. In the country of York, about a hundred years ago they were developed from the ancient Working Terrier. “The King of Terriers” is the traditional name by which the Airedale is often called. The breed is called for the Valley of the Aire in European nation, which is heavily inhabited with small game. The Airedale terrier has been accustomed to hunt big game in Republic of India, Africa and North American nation. In World War II it was also used as a police dog and a wartime guard. But today the Airedale is essentially used as a companion dog. Some of the talents of the Airedale are military work, guarding, police work, hunting, watchdog, rodent tracking, control and competitive obedience.
The largest of the British Terriers is the Airedale. An Airedale approximately weighs between 25–30 kilograms (55–66 lb) and its height may be around 58–61 centimetres (23–24 in) at the withers for dogs and while coming to females they are slightly smaller. In North America, larger Airedales which may weigh up to 55 kilograms (120 lb) can be found. They are called as “Oorangs.” In Ohio, in the early 1900s this was the name of a kennel.

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