Guilty Dog Steals Baby Toy And Then Apologizes In The Cutest Way


Official Charlie the Dog video of Guilty dog steals baby toy and then apologizes in the cutest way:pparently Charlie the beagle just couldn’t control himself when dad dangled a toy in front of baby Laura, so he took it and walked away.
A few seconds later, baby Laura lets out a cry and Charlie seems to realize he’s done something wrong.
Charlie tries to make things right by bringing baby Laura as many gifts as he can find, including a tennis ball, a Playstation controller, and the toy he took in the first place.
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Meet our dog Charlie and our lovable daughter Laura Olivia.
We set up a YouTube channel for Charlie in January 2013, as we began training him to complete tasks ranging from helpful (shutting cabinet doors) to amusing (bringing a can of beer and the TV remote straight to the couch). After our beautiful baby was born, we noticed his special bond with our daughter, and we began filming our canine companion as he helped us care for her.
Charlie the dog was introduced to baby Laura the moment she came home. We taught him how to help change her diapers, swing her baby crib, and play gently with her. But the one thing we never had to teach him is how to love our daughter. Charlie showed us how babies and dogs can be the best of friends and he demonstrates that he is an important part of our family and the unconditional love and and joy he provides is immeasurable.


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