Should You Put Pee Pads In A Dog’s Crate? : Puppy Training

September 28, 2017


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There is no question that a new dog owner should not put peed pads in their puppy’s crate under any circumstances. This will not only smell, but it won’t reinforce potty training the dog in general. Find out all the reasons a new dog owner shouldn’t put pee pads in the puppy’s crate with help from a puppy trainer in this free video.

Expert: Caryl Wolff
Bio: Caryl Wolff was destined to be a Los Angeles dog and puppy trainer, with the last name Wolff, and she loves her work.
Filmmaker: Taner Tumkaya

Series Description: Owning a new puppy is very exciting but also comes with several new responsibilities. From potty training to making sure the dog doesn’t jump on furniture it’s very important for every dog owner to instill good behavior early. Learn some great puppy training tips from Caryl Wolff, a professional puppy trainer and dog enthusiast.

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