Urban Potty – The Best Designed Dog Potty For The Urban Dog Owner


Learn more about Urban Potty – the best designed and best draining dog potty available for dog owners in apartments or condos.

Welcome to Urban Potty!

We created the Urban Potty to provide a clean and convenient dog potty area for your balcony or backyard.

Our solution is perfect for dog owners living in apartments or condos in the city. The Urban Potty is designed to make potty time easier for you and your dog.

The Urban Potty is comprised of three basic components. The potty turf synthetic grass, a super high gross ABS plastic tray, and a waste collection container.

With Urban Potty, we take the hassle out of potty trips and bring the perfect potty spot to your balcony.

No more getting ready or dealing with elevators or stairs or bad weather for each potty trip!

Upon your potty command, your dog will step on to the Urban Potty, quickly find her spot, and go potty.

Imagine the convenience of the Urban Potty on YOUR balcony!

Easy and convenient potty access no matter what the weather is like.

Bekka Jameson

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Bekka Jameson